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Chase loader for
Q-L system


Our universal Quick-Lock system fits all models of die cutting machines. Quick-Lock ensures rapid and precise positioning of all tooling in the cutting chase, stripping and blanking frame. Because the tooling fits into the one frame, your machine is set up and fully operational fast and efficiently.

Time is money

You save money two ways. Firstly you save time exchanging your tooling in the Quick-Lock frames. Secondly because Quick Lock eliminates time-consuming manual repositioning of tools for each production run.

Increase accuracy

As well as saving time, Quick-Lock increases accuracy in the die cutting process. As well as eliminating manual tool repositioning, Quick-Lock ensures tools are positioned to a tolerance of 0.10 mm. Because the frame is very stable with no play on the tooling because of the constant spring pressure on the locking system for all boards.

Quick-Lock for preparing / set-up the next job in the second “twins” Quick-Lock cutting chase. Again, saving costs through efficient operation of your die cutting machine.

No extra costs

We adapt the Quick-Lock cutting chases to the dimensions of your die-boards. Because the Quick-Lock frame accommodates all tooling, there is no need to replace existing parts for blanking and stripping. For instance, the PERIVO system allows you to continue using the same pushers and “red spiders” on your blanking frame.

PERIVO Quick-Lock

Each PERIVO Quick-Lock set comprises:

  • Chase loader for Quick-Locking the tools in the cutting chases pre-press
  • 2 Cutting chases with Q-L
  • Q-L upper stripping frame
  • Q-L system female / middle stripping board
  • Q-L upper blanking frame